lilacard für Firmenkunden

lilacard für Mitarbeiter
Jun 04 2018

lilacard für Mitarbeiter und Kunden

lilacard for employees and customers

Make your employees happy

The last Christmas party is already a while ago, in the everyday business is no time for trips and cookies on the table, is simply not enough as a thank you? With the lilacard , you will make your employees happy, even outside working hours. Regional leisure providers offer users of the lilacard discount card attractive 50% off and 2: 1 offers in the categories: Gastronomy, Culture & Cinema, Beauty & Wellness and Sport. Show your appreciation to your employees and give away the joy of lilacard 365 days.

A life without esteem is like an empty bank account

In addition to the Monäteren it is primarily in the workday to the small gestures of recognition. Employees are often rewarded with bonuses, team events and the like. motivated – all wonderful ideas that usually work successfully. But why investing in planning, time and human resources for a long time, if only easy? The Lilacard discount card will surprise your employees in a very simple way – but with great resonance! Positive emotions stay in your memory for a long time and this is exactly what you give your employees with the lilacard on 365 days a year. Work-life balance is therefore not just a nice buzzword, but lived reality and the best thing: the employer pays. Emotionally, this is far more valuable than the usual amount on the account at the end of each month,

Bring the team together with the lilacard

The lilacard discount card is great for team building or just to have a nice time together with the team. Whether delicious burgers from Bull’s Kitchen , frozen yoghurt at Yomaro , sushi at bar SU-shin or a few delicious cocktails at Bardru25 – there is something for every taste. You want to do something active with your team? No problem, because lilacard users have advantages in many recreational offerings, eg. For example, bowling or billiards at Bowling World , karting on the Drakenburgring or visiting Wolfcenter Dörverden.

However, if you want to take it a bit easier and have to slow down, you can do that with the lilacard discount card, of course. With our wide range of beauty and wellness offers, this project has no limits. A relaxing day in the salt cave , a new stylish haircut at Akyel & Akyel or a relaxing aroma full-body massage with essential oils at Escape Beauty – this is where the well-being of your employees is guaranteed.

Our partner network is growing steadily, so new and attractive offers are regularly added. A detailed overview of our partners can be found here .

The personal gift idea for your employees

The lilacard is personalized and can be personalized according to your wishes, eg. B. be provided with your company logo. The lilacard is tax deductible for businesses and costs 50 euros per card. Take the opportunity for a gift of a different kind. If we have aroused your interest, order conveniently online here . If you have further questions, you can reach us by phone at +49 511 6069083 or by e-mail at

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